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Things to make you go OOH: The Christmas Mix

    Embracing the holiday spirit, I’m thrilled to present a spectacular triple whammy Out-of-Home (OOH) experience that is sure to elevate your Christmas celebrations to new heights!

    Stringent OOH Standards

    I uphold a strict criterion for what qualifies as an Out-of-Home experience—it has to genuinely evoke an audible “OOH” from me. During a recent delightful visit to my local Pedlars Store, the abundance of awe-inspiring moments prompted an array of genuine OOHs, setting the stage for a dazzling Christmas theme.

    Neon Christmas Extravaganza

    This year, the Brewer household is transformed into a radiant neon wonderland. The centerpiece is a Christmas tree adorned with neon baubles in vibrant pink, orange, and green hues. The presents, meticulously wrapped, feature brown paper packages tied up with a distinct touch—pink neon string, adding a contemporary twist to traditional elegance.

    Whimsical Details: Brussel Sprout Crackers

    Completing the Christmas trio are the whimsical brussel sprout crackers, adding a playful element to the festivities. These delightful surprises are sure to evoke joy and laughter, making every moment of your Christmas celebration truly memorable.

    Christmas, Perfected

    With the meticulous arrangement of neon elements, unique wrapping, and charming brussel sprout crackers, consider your Christmas celebrations officially sorted. This neon-infused holiday theme adds a modern and vibrant touch to the traditional festive ambiance, creating an Out-of-Home experience that resonates with the spirit of the season.

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