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Things to make you go OOH #11

    Discovering that perfect something can be a moment of pure delight, akin to finding the missing piece you’ve been searching for all your life. In my case, it wasn’t a husband (got one already) or anything pink (got plenty), but rather the Mantis Desk by Samuel Wilkinson from Case Furniture that had that extraordinary effect on me.

    The Mantis Desk: A Design Marvel

    Priced at £849, the Mantis Desk by Samuel Wilkinson for Case Furniture is a design marvel that warrants attention for multiple reasons.

    1. Perfect Size and Functionality

    The desk strikes the ideal balance in size, providing ample space for spreading out—essential for someone like me who is always multitasking. It avoids the pitfalls of being either too cramped or excessively spacious, ensuring it serves its purpose without dominating the entire office space.

    2. Calm and Soothing Design

    For me, desks must exude a sense of calm and serenity in their design, ready to absorb the chaos of daily life without a hint of complaint. The Mantis Desk achieves this with its tranquil aesthetics. Thoughtful features like a drawer for papers, a file holder, and a back panel for notes contribute to maintaining a tidy workspace. An additional touch is the handy access panel at the back, complete with a cable storage hideaway.

    3. Case Furniture: A Pioneer in Design Accessibility

    Supplied by Case Furniture and designed by Samuel Wilkinson, the Mantis Desk is part of a movement championing accessible high-end design. Case Furniture paved the way for collaborations between renowned designers and suppliers, creating furniture lines that combine beauty with affordability—a trend I wholeheartedly support. Ensuring that products stand the test of time, both aesthetically and physically, aligns with my values for sustainability and longevity.

    A Testament to Timeless Design

    Case Furniture, as a trailblazer in this market, collaborates with high street retailers, from Heals to John Lewis, showcasing the enduring success of their approach. The Mantis Desk stands as a testament to the clever collaboration between Case Furniture and Samuel Wilkinson—clever choices that benefit not only our homes but also contribute to a sustainable future for our planet. Cheers to the brilliance of Case Furniture and the timeless appeal of the Mantis Desk!

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