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Luxury Bathroom Makeover

    Amidst a whirlwind of captivating interiors projects, I’m excited to share insights into a recent achievement—the stunning bathroom makeover for a discerning client in Regent’s Park. Situated within a magnificent Edwardian house, where I’ve had the privilege of designing multiple rooms, this project holds a special place in my portfolio.

    Grandeur Without Tiles: Master En-Suite Brilliance

    In the master en-suite bathroom, a standout design choice was to forego traditional tiles entirely. The aim was to create a space that felt like a grand room in its own right, departing from the conventional bathroom aesthetic. Glass took center stage, serving as both the shower interior and splashback. To maintain a cohesive look, the glass was color-matched to the elegantly painted walls.

    Transforming “Spanish Hacienda” to Spa Elegance

    The previous bathroom leaned towards a “Spanish Hacienda” style, a departure my client sought to rectify by transforming it into a luxurious spa-like retreat. The challenge lay in infusing modern luxury while respecting the original features of the Edwardian house. Staining new floorboards to seamlessly match the originals in the adjacent bedroom was a meticulous touch that paid homage to the home’s heritage.

    Vintage Glamour and Original Features

    A wall adorned with foxed vintage mirrors by Rough Old Glass introduced a touch of glamour, perfectly complementing the low-level lighting that graced the exceptionally beautiful bath sourced from V+A Baths. The result was a harmonious blend of modern luxury and timeless elegance, paying homage to both the client’s vision and the Edwardian charm of the residence.

    Houzz Acclaim: Top 10 Most Popular Bathrooms in the UK

    The success of this bathroom makeover resonates beyond personal satisfaction, as it has garnered widespread acclaim on Houzz. With over 20,000 pins to idea books, it proudly holds a place among the top 10 most popular bathrooms in the UK on Houzz—a testament to its universal appeal and design excellence.

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