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Here’s a summary of the areas of design I cover:

  • Interior Design Solutions: Whether you’re seeking comprehensive project management or a quick refresh for your home or rental property, my flexible working approach allows you to utilize my services as much or as little as needed. I offer guidance to ensure optimal results within your budget, handling essential aspects such as budgets and schedules, and ensuring everything falls into place seamlessly.
  • Show Homes, Rentals, and Hotels: With a significant portfolio of work, including the prestigious role as the official designer at Lower Mill Estate, I bring extensive experience to transforming spaces for show homes, rentals, and hotels. Reach out to discuss your specific requirements.
  • Events and Celebrations: From grand weddings to intimate home celebrations, I specialize in event styling. I collaborate with you to develop creative ideas and manage the execution. If you have budget constraints, I provide valuable advice on cost-effective solutions. Additionally, I offer styling services for trade show event stands.
  • Design Consultation: Not sure where to begin? I offer design consultations where I spend a couple of hours discussing your project in detail. Whether it’s a full project or a makeover, this initial consultation helps define the direction. The normal charge is £150, deductible from future work if you choose to continue. Phone consultations are free, providing a personalized starting point for every unique project.
  • Interior Styling Excellence: The highlight of my work lies in styling, be it for your festive home decor, a lavish party, a trade event, or editorial shoots. I am passionate about creating visually stunning and cohesive designs for any occasion.
  • TV Design Shows, Presenting, and Media: Having commenced my career in television production and eventually establishing my own production company, my return to the other side of the camera feels natural. As a designer with insights into industry workings, I navigate deadlines and budgets seamlessly. With regular press collaborations, I boast an extensive contact book, facilitating sourcing for makeover shows.